World School – Here I Come!

This year I will be home schooled (okay, maybe it’s closer to world schooled) and will miss the opportunity to share my life with my lunch table confidantes. Instead of chattering over sack lunches, I will be connecting with my friends through this blog as I travel the world. If you aren’t a high school girl from the lunch table, it’s okay. You are welcome to read this blog anyway. We aren’t cliquish. We’re just an interesting bunch of sporty yet somewhat nerdy high schoolers, and we somehow find ourselves in the weirdest experiences and most unusual conversations. So please, take a seat at our lunch table.

Two years ago I stood in the middle of my high school cafeteria carrying a backpack overflowing with textbooks and mathematical instruments. Waiting in the lunch line, I came to the conclusion that it was important to make a good impression on the freshman class, mostly because spending four years with other teenagers reveals your flaws and habits. Why not seem perfect while you can? Unfortunately, my epiphany came too late, since my hair was already messily tied up in an experimental style that would never become popular. Despite my lopsided, overflowing backpack and failed hair experiment, I soon found friends who liked me for me. These friends occupied the seats at the lunch table.

The Lunch Table

Missing from the photo . . .(you know who you are)

Fast forward two years and I’m a junior standing in the middle of my bedroom, carrying a rather large backpack filled with a week’s worth of clothes, a sleeping bag, a soccer ball, a camera, and a Kindle, while stuffing McDonald’s french fries in my mouth (so American). I unfortunately have to admit that my hair is still going through an experimental stage. It’s funny that even though my life is changing, some of my quirky characteristics will always stay the same. This year instead of wandering the halls of high school, I’ll be traveling the streets of the world.

This experience is not a vacation. It is a crazy trip that will have me sleeping on dirt floors, climbing mountains in freezing weather, eating who-knows-what, and trying to communicate with people in languages I can barely pronounce.

So here’s the deal:
I, KJ Davidson-Turner, have willingly given up the trauma and drama of junior year and my lovely friends at the lunch table (I’m going to miss you guys!) to travel to unknown areas of the world and experience the cultures of these unfamiliar places. I can’t wait to start this journey and see what adventure I run into first.

I leave for Bogota, Colombia on August 17, 2011.


Dear Lunch Table,

Wish me luck!

Adios, mis amigas,


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About KJ

I, KJ Davidson-Turner, have willingly given up the trauma and drama of Junior year and my lovely friends at the lunch table (I'm going to miss you guys!) to travel to unknown areas of the world and experience the cultures of these unfamiliar places.

8 Responses to “World School – Here I Come!”

  1. Hi KJ! My name is Sarah I met your dad a few weeks ago and I learned about what you and your family are doing this year and it looks really cool! What you’ve done so far sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi KJ, I just found your site and I LOVE IT!!

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. A teen’s perspective on world travel is a great idea.

  3. Hi KJ! Love your site and so glad to see some teen bloggers out here traveling and blogging! I left with my 11 year old niece last November, and we are off on the road exploring, and I have been really looking hard to find other bloggers she can read and connect with! We’ll be keeping up with your adventures! :)

    • Thank you! Traveling as a kid is such an awesome but rare experience. Cal and I just met up with another brother and sister who are also exploring the world. Sitting in a restaurant in Chang Mai we were able to share stories that not many people could relate to. It was really cool. I would love to talk and connect with your niece. After about the second week traveling with our parents, my brother and I treat every opportunity to talk with kids our age like a precious gem. By the way I absolutely love your blog! Your last post made me want to go to Myanmar.

  4. Great blog KJ. I was an exchange student my junior year. It was so much fun to come back my senior year. I think it made it even more special. All I can say is, dive in and be ten times more out-going than you would normally be, embrace every moment. This will be such a great trip that will shape you in ways that are so wonderful. Thank your parents and have a great time.

    • Thank you! I don’t want this trip to end, but at the same time I’m really excited to go back for my senior year. I’m definitely going to embrace every moment and jump into experiences that I normally wouldn’t try. Thanks for reading my blog!

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