Udaipur, India: Lopsided Motorcycles and Big-Eyed Cows – “I’m Lovin’ It!”

Dear Lunch Table,

I’ve become very fond of India. The cows walking innocently in between motorcycles, the “namaste” shouted across bustling street corners, even the constant persuasion of street vendors adds to the beauty of this country. I don’t want to leave. India is the craziest place I have ever stepped foot in. The chaos, which is impossible to disguise, is somewhat peaceful. Yeah, that sounds weird, but I’m expecting chaos every time I open the hotel door. So it’s almost relieving to find it, the distraught air, waiting for me, perched on the steps leading from the hotel to the big wide world of India.

Let the meditation begin!

There’s something about India that’s appealing. Perhaps it’s my new celebrity status and the paparazzi following me around, snapping pictures. (Cal and I are usually swarmed by people holding cameras in their hands and wearing gigantic smiles.) Or maybe it’s due to the chaos, since finding refuge in a McDonalds’ booth turned out to be just as hectic as outside on the streets. Or most likely it’s due to the people who seem to be just plain happy. Whatever the reason, India is appealing.

Oh, Cal. Don’t give me that look. You should be used to me snapping weird photos of you.

I’m not really into cars. Actually, I only know a few types: Slug Bugs, blue cars, buses, and trucks . . . Yup, I’m proud. Okay, so with that being said, it probably comes to no surprise that we went to a car museum. (Just in case you were wondering, my family doesn’t care much for cars either.) Actually, the car museum turned out to be pretty awesome, but only because James Bond’s car from Octopussy is currently stored there. Anyone want to follow in Bond’s footsteps and become an agent? I mean I would prefer ninja to agent, but spies are pretty neat too.

I guess being cool isn’t for everyone . . .

Our guide at the car museum, Roshan lal Patel, was such a character. He was funny, passionate, and got along with my dad very well, as they spent most of their time together laughing, smiling, and playing trivia games . . . Yup, anyway it was actually quite fun and after a day of riding around in a tut-tut and looking at cars, I retired (like an old person) to the warm and comfortable hotel room where I sipped hot chocolate. Good day. Good day . . .

Delhi is up next, our last stop in India. I’m going to be very sad when I leave India.

I miss you guys,


Interesting Fact: Women living in palaces were unable to be seen by men other than the emperor. In order for these women to watch the celebrations and the events taking place in the courtyard, screens, jaalis, (such as the one in the picture below) were built so the women would be able to see out, but no one could see in. Therefore, women were forced to hide their faces in their own home. Where’s the girl power?

Things To Do:

1) Car Museum: Okay, so the car museum was nothing fancy. It just had a bunch of cool cars neatly assembled into various plain white garages, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide, however, made the museum much more entertaining. If you end up going, ask for Roshan lal Patel, he will make the whole experience worthwhile.

2) Cooking Classes: Usually it’s not the best idea to put people together in a kitchen who have reputations of burning waffles in the microwave because they put a paper towel in the machine (Cal), putting a cup of salt in chocolate chip cookies instead of a teaspoon (me), or being banned from dealing with preparing food in general because, well, it just doesn’t work out (mom). My dad is the only one in our family capable of creating something edible. (He’s in the food business – go figure.) Anyway, we all thought it would be a really amazing experience if we took an Indian cooking class. It was a blast. I mean it. And the best part is that we successfully prepared some Indian cuisine (with help of course, lots and lots of help to be exact). All in all, I really recommend Sushma’s Cooking Classes:

Location: Hotel Krishna Niwa
Website: www.cookingclassesinudaipur.com

Things I Didn’t Care For:

1) City Palace: Honestly, and, yes, I feel bad saying this, but I’ve had enough of palaces. So, for me, this palace didn’t take my breath away, and I would rather spend this time “people watching” or running through the streets of India or hiking through an Indian forest. But palaces are just some people’s thing. But if you do decide to explore this palace, I recommend grabbing an audio guide. Oh, and it cost a few dollars to bring a camera. (I ended up taking over 200 pictures, so I would get my money’s worth.)

50’s Girl – this picture is for you. It’s a sculpture of a dancer I found while exploring the palace.

Do not ask me what I’m doing. I do not know . . .

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I, KJ Davidson-Turner, have willingly given up the trauma and drama of Junior year and my lovely friends at the lunch table (I'm going to miss you guys!) to travel to unknown areas of the world and experience the cultures of these unfamiliar places.

6 Responses to “Udaipur, India: Lopsided Motorcycles and Big-Eyed Cows – “I’m Lovin’ It!””

  1. Hi KJ, I’m new to your blog and am really enjoying reading it – you are a very talented writer! I loved your opening description of India. As a long-time lover of this beautifully diverse country, you took me right back there in one paragraph. Thank you :)

    • Welcome to the lunch table! Cheesy line – I know. Thank you very much! I’m reading your blog too and have to admit I am a little jealous that you’re going to live in India for 6 months. It is a beautiful country. Have fun traveling!

  2. Ha! Fancy meeting Hannah here! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures in India, and though I don’t want to patronize you, you write so well for a young person (or any person)! So keep doing what you’re doing, translating the world through your eyes :)

    • Thank you! India was such a beautiful country, that it pretty much wrote the posts for me – not too much work needed from my end. And I’m really glad and humbled to see that the lunch table attracts some of the coolest travel bloggers.

  3. Hi KJ – I read your piece for Great Family Escape. Wonderful writing my friend! You inspire me to look at life just a little bit differently. Your PF Chang’s family is rooting you, Cal and your mom and dad on as you continue your adventure!

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